My academic passions (linguistics, languages, theology) are essentials for every profession or field of study. Knowing more about these fields will prepare you better for your future career or path in life. Let me help you learn more about these areas and let us have fun together!


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Dr. Victor Moises Prieto, Ph.D.

I'm primarily a servant of God, as the Bible teaches, serving HIM through my teaching & research in linguistics & languages. I am a linguist with a PhD and MA degrees from the University of Florida. And I also have degrees in theology, and a Bachelor degree in education from the University of Carabobo in Venezuela, my 1st home country. 

      I'm married to Monica, a Colombia-born (Venezuelan-American) woman of God. Our only son, Victor Emanuel, was born in Florida. We've lived in the USA for the last 19 years where I've been a university professor (linguistics/Spanish/ESL) all this time. 

     During my lifetime, God has given me the privilege of being in different countries in South America, Central America, North America, Europe, Eurasia & Africa. All of this has shaped me tremendously. I praise God for all HIS gifts to me and my family. 

       Currently, I'm the Chair of the Dept. of Modern Languages & Linguistics at North Greenville University. I'm also the Music Pastor and Associate pastor of the Betania Hispanic Baptist church in Taylors, SC. My hobbies are TV, reading, music and sports, especially soccer, basketball, volleyball, biking, and baseball. !DIOS LOS BENDIGA!                          


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